Keeping the Beat Strong in the City.

Medical City Heart, a recognized leader in cardiovascular medicine with a world-class roster of heart specialists, is proud to offer the Medical City Heart Hotline.

Medical City of Dallas

Call and talk to registered nurses any time, at no charge.

Signs of a Heart Attack.

Medical City of DallasThe signs of a heart attack are not always as dramatic as you might think. They include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, and discomfort in other areas of the body, but can also include cold sweat, nausea, and lightheadedness. If you’re having what you believe are heart attack symptoms, call 911 immediately.

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Alternatives to Open Heart Surgery

Medical City of DallasThe Dallas Valve Institute at Medical City (DVI) is a leading-edge medical facility dedicated to developing advanced cardiovascular treatments that save lives and restore hope in patients. When patients are turned down for complex heart surgeries at other hospitals, DVI acts as their one stop for treatment.

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Children with Heart Conditions

Medical City of DallasAt Medical City Children’s Hospital, a dedicated core team of pediatric congenital heart specialists provides a meticulous and compassionate, multi-disciplinary approach in caring for the special needs of both mom and baby.

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Heart Transplants and Heart Assist Devices

Medical City of DallasA heart transplant may be your best treatment option after your team of specialists has exhausted all medication and assist therapies.

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Our Team

Medical City of DallasMedical City is the only hospital in North Texas that includes the nation’s best pediatric and adult heart specialists. Because our facility is home to both Medical City Children’s Hospital and Medical City Dallas Hospital, families have access to the best adult and pediatric specialists as children with serious heart conditions grow up.

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